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Why are people so passionate about this watershed? What is it about the natural environment that provides such enjoyment and fullfillment? Is it the clean water, the fresh air, recreational activities or perhaps the flora and fauna? It really doesn't matter that we will all have different answers to these questions, what matters is what we do to protect and enhance the environment of this watershed.

The watershed includes the Napanee River and all the water that flows into it via small creeks. Any land that receives rain and drains into these creeks and the river are also included in the watershed. Click here to view our Watershed Map

One of the tasks to protecting our watershed is to monitor the existing water quality looking for overall trends, or trying to identify hot spots that might indicate a source of contaminate. Click here to view some of the water quality monitoring that is being done using the Water Rangers app

Please join us in our challenge of helping to protect and enhance our beautiful Napanee River watershed!